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Santander Payoff Address 2023

You need to pay off your Santander balance, but can’t spare enough to pay it all in full right now? That’s okay! There are ways you can make multiple payments on your balance and pay less interest along the way. 

In this article, we’ll explore how it works, how to do it and what other benefits come along with paying your balance in installments. You’ll never be late again.

If you are having trouble getting your debt paid off by your creditor, you may be able to receive a payoff address from Santander. Santander offers a variety of different repayment options, so you can find the one that best suits your situation.

You can receive a payoff address by filling out a form on the Santander website. The form will ask for your name, contact information, and the type of debt you are trying to payoff. You will also need to provide your creditor’s payoff address.

What Is a Payoff Address?

A payoff address is a location to send payments for loan payoffs or settlement agreements. 

Payoffs are typically made by check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card. Money orders and personal checks can be sent to the nearest US Post Office. 

Wire transfers and credit card payments can be sent to a Santander Financial Services location. For wire transfers, the account number is on the wire transfer receipt. 

The 9 digit account number will be found next to the Routing Number and ABA Number in the bottom left corner of your wire transfer receipt. 

What Is Satander Payoff Address?


PO Box 660633
Dallas TX 75266-0633
Overnight Physical3000 Kellway Dr
Suite 120
Carrollton TX 75006

The name of this bank is Santander Bank, N.A., not just Santander. 

The Santander Wire Transfer Routing Number is 026007832 (last 4 digits) with an ABA routing number 026008237 (last 4 digits). When making a wire transfer online, you will have to enter either of these numbers into the recipient’s ABA Number field. 

You should receive an email confirmation once the payment has been completed.

What Is The Satander Lienholder Address?

PO Box 961288, Fort Worth, TX 76161 is for noting the lender on DMV documents and service contracts.

What Is The Loss Payee Address?

PO Box 1984, Carmel, IN 46802 is for noting the lender on insurance policies.

How Do I Pay Off Santander?

Paying off Santander is easier than you think. You can do so in a couple of ways: with a credit card, by phone, online banking or through the mail.

When paying off your Santander  bill with a credit card, be sure to have your account number and the date of your last statement handy. 

The customer service agent will ask for this information before giving you instructions on how to pay off your balance.

If you are using a phone or internet banking to pay off your balance, they may also ask for this information. 

If you are mailing a check as payment then please provide them with the following information: 

  • Your name (as it appears on your billing statement)
  • Mailing address 
  • Telephone number and 
  • Account number (as it appears on your billing statement). 

Please allow 3-5 days from the time we receive your letter for the funds to process into your account

Once processed, you should see the difference on your next billing statement.

It’s easy to repay your santander credit card if you follow these simple steps! Be sure to have your account number and the date of your last statement ready when talking to a customer service agent. 

Use either an internet banking or phone call to settle up the remainder. To send them a check just include all the same information on your mailing envelope. 

Write a check enclosed on the envelope. Include your account number and mailing address and contact information too. Allow three to five business days for processing once they receive your letter; after that it should show up on your next billing statement.

Can I Pay My Santander Car Loan at a Branch?

Yes. You can pay your Santander car loan at a branch by bringing a check, money order or cashier’s check. You will need to bring your account number and the full amount due on the vehicle note. 

The payment will be applied to your account in one to two business days. 

Where Can I Find My Santander Account Number?

Your Santander account number is located on your monthly statement and is also printed on the back of your debit card, if you have one. If you don’t see your account number, please call customer service toll-free at 800-282-2442 for assistance.

When Can I Use a Credit Card to Pay My Loan? 

You can use your credit card for a one-time payment on your Santander loan. Be sure to notify customer service at 800-282-2442 of your intent to do so before making a payment by using your credit card.

Tips for Avoiding Repossession

If you find yourself in a situation where repossession is imminent, there are certain things you can do to avoid it. 

First, if you’re going to be late with a payment, contact the lender and ask for an extension. 

If the lender agrees, send them a letter confirming the agreement and make sure they have your contact information on file so they can reach out if you’re going to be late again. 

Second, take some time to look at your budget and see what expenses can be cut without sacrificing quality of life. 

Third, set up automatic payments or set up a savings account that automatically transfers funds from your checking account each month. 

Finally, look into refinancing options. In addition to avoiding foreclosure and other bad credit events, refinancing may also help you save money. 

For example, if you’re currently paying $600/month on your mortgage but could get a lower rate of $500/month by refinancing, then over the course of one year that would mean a difference of $1,800 (or more depending on how much more expensive the mortgage). 

If you have any questions about these tips, we recommend speaking with a professional who specializes in debt relief. They should be able to answer any of your questions as well as provide recommendations on how best to proceed.

Options After Repossession

When you are repossessed, the lender may auction your car off to a third party. The lender may also choose to buy back your car from the auction at an amount lower than what they sold it for. 

Depending on the lender’s decision, there are several things that can happen:

  • *Auctioning: If your car is auctioned, you will get any money left over after the sale minus any fees associated with the auction. You should be prepared for the chance that your car may not sell or sell for much less than you owe. You should be able to find out how much your car sells for if you contact the company holding the auction and ask them how much was received from bidders. 
  • Buyback: If your car is bought back by the lender, you will receive any leftover proceeds plus any unearned interest payments. 
  • Refinance: After being repossessed, some lenders allow people to refinance their loan so they can continue paying their payments but without having a car in their name. 
  • Takeover: last, some lenders allow people who have been repossessed to take ownership of another vehicle that has been financed through the same lender in lieu of their original loan. Takeovers require approval from the lender and often come with higher interest rates. If you are interested in taking over another vehicle, speak to your lender about your options.
  • Successfully complete: When you successfully complete an auto title loan transaction, you own the car outright rather than continuing to make monthly payments.

Is Santander Consumer USA a Bank?

Santander Consumer USA is a bank and not only offers a wide range of banking services, but also offers other financial products and services such as auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages. 

Santander Consumer USA operates under the umbrella of the Santander Group which was founded in 1957. The company has over 60 years of experience in the banking industry and currently serves approximately 16 million customers worldwide. 

Santander Consumer USA employs nearly 1,600 people and does business in 19 states including Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts. New Hampshire New Jersey , North Carolina Rhode Island , Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Washington D.C., West Virginia Wisconsin. 


If you have been willing to know what santander payoff address is, to payoff your loan faster, this article has provided a clear answer for you. 

Let’s know in the comment box, if there are still more things you would like to know. 

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