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Cash App Notification Won’t go Away: How to Fix It

Notifications are alerts, typically a pop-up or other message types generated by an application to notify the user of a new message, update, social media post, etc. 

Sometimes, notifications from specific applications can be constant and annoying; however, they help us keep track of events, the latest updates, and specific information. 

Different applications come with notifications to help users keep track of their activities, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Bank apps like Cash App, PayPal, etc. 

Cash App is a popular mobile payment app that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, and buy bitcoin. However, sometimes users may encounter an issue where the Cash App notification won’t go away, even after they have taken action on it. This can be frustrating and can interfere with the user’s ability to use the app effectively.

Are you getting fed up with the numerous notifications you get from your Cash App and want to do something to get rid of the continuous pop-up messages? Well, you are lucky to be on the right blog, as here we will discuss how to fix issues with Cash App Notifications. 

Why Cash App Notifications Won’t go Away and Instant Fixes

If you want to know why Cash App notification won’t go away, keep reading as you will also learn instant Fixes you can use to get rid of constant notifications from the application. 

1. You may have unread notifications 

In this case, it is typical for the notification not to go away, as some notifications require you to take action or perform a function. Likewise, in other applications, Cash App notification won’t go away unless you take action by reading the message or doing what you are required to do.

But if you are someone who hates the idea of getting notified for every little thing, you can either decide to block the notifications that keep coming from the application, choose the type of notifications you want to receive from the application by taking advantage of your Settings or better still, you can check out new messages on your notifications bar to mark every message as read. 

2. Cash App may have a bug 

A bug is an unexpected problem that usually affects software or hardware, causing it to malfunction, freeze screens, or have unexplained error messages. 

If your Cash App has accidentally run into a bug or virus, it can be why you are receiving numerous unwanted notifications on the application. In such a situation, it may be nearly impossible to get total rid of the messages except you do the following: 

  • Turn off notifications from the app – If you suspect your Cash App has run into a bug or virus, all you should do to get rid of the many unwanted notifications is to try turning off notifications from the app using your device. This way, you will no longer get any notifications from the application. 
  • Clear the cache – If that’s not enough, you can also try clearing your app’s cache, as it is one of the most crucial storage units to watch out for whenever you want to eliminate bugs. Clearing your app’s cache will not only save your device from bugs but will also ensure that the app runs smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Log in and log out – Try logging in and out of your Cash App. This is simple to do yet very important and is recommended for users facing the problem of bugs and viruses on their Cash App. It can help them solve the issue of bugs by break-in down the connection between their account and the server connection. 
  • Update the app – If your Cash App is outdated, try as much as possible to update it to ensure you are on the right track. Using an outdated application can also be another reason you are receiving unnecessary notifications and can’t get rid of them on the Cash App. 
  • Reinstall Cash App – It will be better if you use the method of deleting and reinstalling the app on your device if you still can’t get rid of the notifications. But first of all, before reinstalling the app back to your device, make sure to clear all data and files so that when you later reinstall the app again, it will be able to run smoothly with no obstruction. 
  • Contact Cash App – If, after trying all of these available methods, you are still caught up with the notification issue, then it will be best to contact the Cash App support team or report the issue to a software professional. 

3. It Could Be That Cash App Itself Is Down 

Most applications sometimes crash though this can be a horrible experience, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Cash App does experience downtime at some point due to processing large amounts of requests all at once from various customers hence the reason for its crash.

However, this can be a reason to consider if you keep getting constant notifications from the application, but don’t worry; you will get over it as long as the app returns to normalcy. 

4. Force Stop the App

Another step to troubleshoot this issue is to force stop the Cash App.

On an Android device, go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Cash App” > “Force Stop.” On an iPhone, double-click the Home button, swipe left or right to find the Cash App, swipe up to close it.

How to Disable Cash App Notifications Using a Smartphone

Follow these step-by-step processes to learn how you can disable Cash App notifications using a smartphone:

  • Go to your device settings
  • Quickly scroll to find the Apps and Notifications section
  • Next, tap on Notifications and then click on App Settings
  • You should see Cash App on the app list
  • Tap on notifications
  • Now, turn Notification off for Cash App or set the type of notifications you want to receive from the application. That way, you will save yourself from headaches over Cash App’s numerous notifications. 


It is important to know that a mere bug can cause a Cash App to malfunction. If Cash App notification refused to go away on your phone, we advise you to follow the above-given instructions and if the problem persists, do well to contact the Cash App support team.

Why won’t my Cash App notifications go away?

It can be caused by multiple factors, including an outdated app, poor network connection, or a bug in the software.

How do I fix Cash App notifications not disappearing?

Try restarting your phone, checking internet connectivity, updating the Cash App, or contacting Cash App Support.

What if my Cash App notifications are stuck on the lock screen?

You can try clearing the app cache, disabling and re-enabling Cash App, or restarting the phone.

Can I turn off Cash App notifications?

Yes, you can turn off Cash App notifications by adjusting the app’s notification settings within the app or on your phone.

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