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Does Chick Fil A Take Cash App?

Chick-fil-A is undoubtedly one of the biggest restaurants in the United States, and it also happens to be one of the earliest adopters of digital payments. From Google Pay to Apple Pay, you’ll hardly find any mainstream payment app that doesn’t offer a way to pay at the restaurant.

Since Cash App is also one of the most popular payment apps around, it’s only natural to expect it to also offer a natural way to pay at Chick-fil-A. In a bid to find out the best way to go about paying at the restaurant with Cash App, people tend to ask: does Chick-fil-A take Cash App?

In this article, you’ll learn if you can pay at any Chick-fil-A restaurant chain using money from your Cash App balance. Also, I’ll show you some of the other payment methods you can use at the restaurant and how you can even get up to 10% off at a Chick-fil-A outlet courtesy of Cash App boosts.

Can You Buy Food with Cash App?

Yes, you can buy food with Cash App as long as you have the Cash card or visit restaurants that allows you to pay by scanning the QR code.

It’s certainly possible to pay for your orders using Cash App, even if those orders were made from a restaurant. However, you may need to get a Cash App card before being allowed to pay for food using money from your Cash App balance.

The most important use case of Cash App is money transfer, particularly among people you know pretty well. Over time, the app added more features, and now, there are only a few things that are impossible with the fully featured digital payment app.

Some restaurant chains, like Chick-fil-A for example, will offer boosts that will give you exciting discounts when you checkout with your Cash App card. In the case of Chick-fil-A, you get a 10% discount off anything you buy from the restaurant up to $150. 

Does Chick Fil A Take Cash App?

Yes, Chick Fil A accepts Cash App payment.

If you’re trying to pay for food at Chick-fil-A using Cash App, you need to get the Cash App card first. More importantly, Boosts are only available when you pay using the card, which is enough reason why you should get one. Since the Cash Card is free (unless you’re trying to customize it), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one.

Not only does Chick-fil-A take Cash App as a valid payment method, but it also offers periodic bonuses that make it rewarding to pay using your card. If you don’t have a Cash Card, you should consider getting it, especially if you eat at the restaurant a lot.

Of course, Cash App is not the only payment method that’s available at Chick-fil-A. If you have other payment channels, you can also use them to pay for your orders, which may even be the most logical option as the case may be. The following section will show you the alternate payment methods you can use with Cash App

What Payments Does Chick-Fil-A Take?

As you’d expect, the Cash Card is not the only way to pay at Chick-fil-A; no business survives that way. There are many other payment methods that you can use to pay for orders at the fast food restaurant, either online or offline.

For mobile payment apps, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and PayPal, all of which are insanely popular and easy to use. If you have accounts on any of these platforms with enough funds to cover your purchase, you don’t need to worry about moving your money around.

Also, Chick-fil-A accepts credit and debit cards, just like every other fast food chain in the United States. As long as the card is widely accepted at stores within the states, there’s a pretty huge chance that you can also use it to pay at Chick-fil-A.

Finally, you can pay at the restaurant with Cash, if you have any handy. While it sounds a bit old school, dollar notes are still legal tender in the United States, and you can use them to pay for food at most restaurants, given that you have enough to cover your entire purchase handy.

When you take an objective look at all the payment methods available with Chick-fil-A, you’ll notice that Cash App is the undisputed best for one main reason: boosts. If you don’t know what Cash App boosts are, you can learn more about them in the following section.

How to Use Cash App Boosts with Chick-Fil-A

When paying with your Cash Card at select restaurants and stores, you get some exclusive discounts known as Boosts. Boosts are exclusive offers for Cash App users that you can use to save money on purchases when you shop at select stores.

Fortunately, Chick-fil-A happens to be one of the “select stores” where you get discounts when you shop using your Cash Card. By activating the Chick-fil-A 10% off boost, you can get a tenth off the entire amount of the food you purchased. However, you can only use the bonus once per hour.

To use the Chick-fil-A 10% off Boost, head over to the Cash Card tab from your Cash App homepage by tapping on the icon that looks like a credit card. If you have a Cash Card, you’ll see a virtual version of it, as well as a list of the available boosts below it.

Scroll to the right until you see the Chick-fil-A boost and select it to change the active boost. When you use the card to pay at the restaurant, you should see a 10% discount. There are many other boosts you can try on the app if you’re not a great fan of Chick-fil-A. 


Not only can you pay at Chick-fil-A using Cash App, but it’s also available as an option in most restaurants in the United States, courtesy of the Cash Card. If you have the card, you shouldn’t worry about paying using other platforms when you have enough funds in your Cash App account.

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