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How to Reject a Venmo Payment

Rejecting a Venmo payment can be pretty difficult as the platform does not include a decline payment option, and to some extent, this is one major flaw of the payment platform.

So, let’s say you accidentally send a payment to an unknown number or email, and you want to request a refund; the only way you can do so is to contact the owner of the unknown number or email address to send you back the money. 

But if, after several back and forths, the person refuses to send you back your money, you can now reach out to the Venmo support team for help. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can reject a Venmo payment if you accidentally send out a payment to the wrong person. 

How Can I Reject a Venmo Payment?

This is a huge task to consider, and without a doubt, it is nearly impossible for you to cancel a payment you have already sent to a recipient using Venmo. 

This is as a result of the platform not including any decline payment option; hence, if you mistakenly send a fund to someone you don’t know, the only way you can get your money back is to plead with the person, as Venmo does not have any means in getting back your money. 

In this case, you must send money to only the people you know very well and in person. Also, you need to be careful when sending money to a recipient. 

Ensure to provide the correct email address and phone number to avoid sending money to the wrong account. 

But this doesn’t apply to every situation, as you may be lucky to get your money back if you accidentally sent a payment to a non-existing Venmo account; then that way, you can quickly get the exact money you sent by contacting the Venmo support team; otherwise, you may lose it. 

How to Reject a Venmo Payment Sent to a Non-existing Account? 

Now, let’s assume you sent a payment to a non-existing account or an inactive account, and you want a refund of your money.

To do this, you will have to open the Venmo app and click on the hamburger icon located at the top right corner of your home screen.

Next, you should tap Incomplete and then select the Payments tab. If the number or email you sent the payment still hasn’t created an account on Venmo, you’ll see your payment listed below. 

Now, you should tap the “Take back” option located below the payment you made, and that is how to get your money back in a matter of minutes. 

How Can I Reject a Venmo Payment Using an iOS device? 

The method shared above can also be utilized; in this case, all you need is to follow the step-by-step processes mentioned earlier. 

If you use an iOS device, you can use Apple Pay Cash to send money through iMessage on Venmo and ask for a refund if you intend to cancel a payment. 

You can also carry out this same function directly on Venmo by clicking on the “Take back” option to cancel an already sent payment, but unfortunately, this can only be done if, after three days, the recipient hasn’t yet received the money; otherwise, you may not get your money back except you contact the recipient for a refund of your money. 

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Accepted a Venmo Payment I Didn’t Want? 

It shouldn’t be a thing to worry about If you accidentally accept a payment from someone you don’t know. You need to kindly contact the Venmo support team for help, as they will help you reverse the payment.

It is also essential to know that you can decline payments sent by strangers on Venmo and ensure that such a thing doesn’t happen again. All you have to do is to block the user who sent you the payment. 

Does Receiving a Payment from a Stranger Mean My Venmo Account Has Been Hacked? 

No, receiving a payment from a stranger doesn’t necessarily mean that your Venmo has been hacked, as sometimes it can be due to mistakes in the spelling of names. 

Someone can accidentally send a payment to you on Venmo if maybe you bear the same name as their friend, and in most cases, such happenings are inevitable. Still, in a situation where you receive an unauthorized payment that isn’t for you, you can reach out to the Venmo support team for help to ensure that the money is refunded back to the owner. 

After the refund, it is advised that you block the user, so such a mistake doesn’t occur again anytime in the future. 

How Do I Refund a Venmo Payment? 

If you accepted a payment that is not yours on Venmo, the next thing you should do is to try refunding back the money to the actual owner originally; the necessary steps needed to carry out this process is relatively easy as all you have to do is for you to provide some details of yourself to be considered eligible for the process. 

However, here is how to go about refunding a payment on Venmo:

  • First and foremost, you will need to complete your identity verification for your business profile to ensure that you are real and not fake. 
  • For both full and partial refunds, you will have to have enough money in your business profile to cover the payment sent to you. 

This way, you can send a refund for a payment that is not yours but was sent to you on Venmo or even to a customer seeking a refund for a payment made. 


It is advised that you use Venmo with wisdom to avoid losing your money to strangers because of a silly error or mistake, as the platform doesn’t have a “decline payment” option yet. 

However, it would help if you only used Venmo to make payments to people you trust and know very well to save yourself the time and stress involved when requesting a refund.

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