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How Do You Block Someone on Cash App without Them Knowing?

Blocking someone is a very difficult decision that you’ll have to take at some point. When you want to block someone, you usually don’t want to let them know you’re blocking them, and not every platform guarantees you the confidentiality of keeping someone’s block status private.

Unless someone wants to scam you of your money, there’s no reason to block someone on Cash App. Regardless of the similarities, Cash App isn’t Venmo, and people you transact with generally can’t see your transaction history, which is about the only reason why you may want to block a former friend.

With that said, this article will show you exactly what happens when you block on Cash App. Also, you’ll learn how to block someone on Cash App without them knowing. In addition to that, I’ll answer some of the questions you may have about Cash App concerning blocking.

How Can I Block Someone from My Cash App?

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Cash App also has a block function that you can use on other Cash App users if you want to prevent them from reaching you on the app. That begs the question: how exactly do you block someone on Cash App?

  1. Tap the Activity tab on your Cash App home screen
  2. Tap on their name in your activity feed.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of their profile and select “Block This Person.”

To unblock someone you’ve previously blocked, follow the same steps and select Unblock.

It’s crucial to note that you can only block personal Cash App accounts run by other people. If you have a recurring payment that you’ll no longer like to make, you’ll have to contact Cash App to help you block the merchant in question; another completely different story.

That leads us to another realization: many Cash App users are unaware of what happens when you block someone on Cash App. In the following section, you’ll learn exactly what happens when you block someone or if someone blocks you on Cash App.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Cash App?

A Cash App block is less hostile compared to that of traditional social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. While most social media platforms make it impossible to reach someone you block (or someone who has blocked you), it’s not quite the same with Cash App. So, what happens when you block someone on Cash App?

The person you blocked will be unable to send you payments or payment requests. Whenever they try to do either, they’ll receive an error on their end, without you ever getting notified of their attempt to make a payment or payment request.

Judging by what it does, it’s pretty clear that a block can be a pretty useful way to deter scammers and other bad actors from making shady transactions. Also, if you have that one friend that keeps sending annoying payment requests for no reason, a simple block might be all they need.

If I Block Someone on Cash App Will They Know?

No, when you block someone on Cash App, they will not be notified.

Cash App doesn’t notify people you block that you’ve blocked them, but at the same time, it’s not that difficult to tell that someone has blocked you. Come to think of it, what else would come to your mind if you suddenly found it impossible to request or send money to your friend?

A piece of advice for you is to go on with the block without worrying if they’ll eventually find out. If they do find out in no time, that would mean they’re indeed troublesome and they deserve the block from you for your sanity.

Can You Delete Transactions on Cash App?

No, there so feature or direct way to delete transactions on Cash Aoo.

Since your transactions are already private by default (with no possible way to make them public), it’s already clear that you do not need to delete your transactions on Cash App. In a bid not to clutter the app with useless features, you can trust that no function lets you delete your Cash App transaction history.

At the moment, the only way to delete your transaction history on Cash App is by deleting your account entirely. Unless someone else has access to your username and passwords, there’s no reason why you’ll want to worry about the privacy of your transaction history.

How Do You Block Someone on Cash App without Them Knowing?

It’s not hard to block someone on Cash App without them knowing, as all you need to do is simply block them. Cash App doesn’t go about screaming to the blocked user that you’ve just blocked them, making your blocks private by default.

Of course, the only downside to this is that you don’t know which of your friends has you on their blocklist either! 


Before most people will go ahead with blocking, they want to ensure that the process is entirely silent. While I can’t say for other payment apps, blocking someone on Cash App is silent, and the person won’t know you’ve blocked them.  

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